The Girl in Her

In the soul of a woman is a little girl . . .

A mysterious pull toward Nova Scotia lures a reluctant school teacher to embark on a Canadian cruise and sail into deception, tragedy, and love.

An older woman commented recently that she felt like a little girl on the inside and wanted to do the things she did when she was young. I could relate. Perhaps it’s because our soul never ages. We still want to play in the leaves or hideout in a blanket fort. There’s a part of us that believes we can, until we get down and struggle to get back up.

The Girl in Her tells the story of Olivia Carr, a woman of twenty-eight who still struggles to overcome the little girl in her and the negative impact her father’s critical words and emotional distance had on her young soul.

In my ministry as a pastor’s wife and director of women’s ministry, I have listened to women in their later decades talk of their father’s negative impact on their personality, emotions, and self-concept. I wanted to show through Olivia’s journey there is a way to joy, wholeness, and love. But you will need to buckle your seatbelt. The seas get rough.

Expected release October 2024


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